Echo, to see how his latest project was going. It's a 1935 Chevy "Rat Gasser" truck with a Steam Punk vibe.. I thought to myself, "Hey, ya know what would be cool, a documentary."

 Forget spending time lounging on the beach, I ended up spending three full days following Echo around his shop trying to prevent my camera from ingesting sand and keeping my expensive microphone from blowing out from the raucous noise of open headers and 475 horsepower. Over three days I got to know Echo better, and with each hour of shooting, I knew this short was something I needed to do, and needed to share.

My name is Karl Xjimenez, I have worked in the broadcasting and  media industry- basically forever. Using the camera to capture the human experience  whenever I can is extremely gratifying. Sharing it is that much more. I'm available for consultation and production of video / film projects.

Industrial Videos:  Every organization has a message it wants to tell the world. Allow me to help you develop and execute a message through video that speaks the language of your audience.

Echo: Made In The Shade

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Documentaries: Storytelling is an ancient art. I believe documentaries should reveal a secret or two that allow the viewer to connect with the subject on an emotive level.  There is something  uniquely interesting in everything.  Let's work together to highlight your project from the most obscure angles, shall we?

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I'm a car guy who attends a lot of car shows. The first time I met Echo was at one of the Friday night cruise-in’s at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank; a weekly car show in place since the 1950’s. Echo was showing the silver 32’ Ford coupe he had recently built. The car was a show stopper! Echo seemed like a really interesting guy, and the two of us became fast friends.

"rods are something you don't see every day."

Over the past few years, I have watched and helped Echo go through the creative process of building hot rods in his scrappy shop, behind the alley and under the trees.

Echo is kind of a sheep in wolf's clothing. He doesn't appear to be the most approachable person,  but if you meet him, you'll discover he's a lot more than just a hot rodder. He's an artist, therapist, writer, natural healer, and basic cool guy.

The idea for shooting a documentary about Echo came to me the night before driving to LA from Sacramento for a short vacation. I planned to spend most of the time relaxing on the beach. I also wanted to visit with

Echo Tescier - Hot rod Builder